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My New Blog "Serious Games Experts"

I have been monitoring the "Serious Games" space since 2006, witnessing organizations introduce Serious Games & Simulations to make their value proposition more compelling and understanding how games are utilized for education and contextual learning, consumer engagement & customer retention.

As Serious Games are now successfully being developed and deployed for a variety of applications, I have created this new Blog to honor Serious Games Experts worldwide -Researchers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Advocates & Adopters - and celebrate their major breakthroughs.

Robot Factory By Simcoach Games A Finalist @ SGS&C 2014

Robot Factory, a finalist at this year’s SGS&C held early December in Orlando, FL, is an innovative Serious Game developed by Simcoach Games with the aspiration of introducing a next generation brain training game that enhances the player's general fluid intelligence.

While most of the games in today's marketplace demand access to crystallized intelligence, Robot Factory targets three skills that research co-relates to fluid intelligence: ability to update (store, manipulate, retrieve, and replace critical information); the skill of switching (flexibly changing the focus of our efforts based on changes in the environment); and inhibiting well learned responses when circumstances dictate.
Leveraging on the background assumption that reasoning and problem solving in conjunction with varied, complex, and dynamic data are becoming a routine aspect of many jobs, Robot Factory  creates an amazing context for storing and manipulating complex sequences of information in a fast-paced…

Cyber Heist By University of Utah Wins Best Student Developed Serious Game @ SGS&C 2014

Cyber Heist, by University of Utah students Jake Muehle, AJ Dimick, Chris Rawson and Vaibhav Bhalerao, is the winner of the Best Student Developed Serious Game Award at this year’s SGS&C, held early December in Orlando, FL.
The year is 2114. The Department of Education has developed a stranglehold on student debt due to government de-regulation and formation of corporate monopolies. Laws have been passed allowing corporations to purchase debt and leverage it against the population. Those with debt live in indentured servitude.
After years of living underfoot of this rigged system, the people have started to fight back. You… are among those people. Take the role of either an elite hacker or a stealthy thief as they go undercover to infiltrate the Department of Education to bring down the corporate monopolies that enslave the populous and eliminate all debt forever.

Cyber Heist is an intense, two-player stealth and puzzle game that explores co-operative play, where each person plays a …

Muzzy Lane Wins Student's Choice Award @ SGS&C 2014

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom, developed by Muzzy Lane Softwarefor National Geographic Education is the winner of the Students’ Choice Award at I/ITSEC 2014, being held in Orlando this week.

This award was selected by middle and high school students from the games that address the learning needs of this demographic and is one of the seven awards granted at the 10th edition of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge: 
-Best in each of the 3 Development Categories – Student, Business and Government -Student’s Choice -People’s Choice -Special Emphasis and -Mobile
The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge at I/ITSEC 2014

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom by Muzzy Lane Software is a “choose your own journey” style game that incorporates 3-D experiences as students make a series of choices that affect their journey.
Played from a first-person perspective, the game immerses students in the action as they play the role of a slave escaping from a southern plantation and he…

MAVI Interactive Wins The Best Industry Developed Serious Game @ SGS&C 2014

MAVI Interactive is the winner in the Best Industry Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2014 with Info Sentinel – Travel Security. This award is commonly the hardest fought award for the historically largest category.

As reported by Team OrlandoMAVI Interactive first participated in 2009, and was selected a finalist that year. Although they have also been a finalist in each of their other two years of participation (2011 and 2012), this year was the first time they advanced from a finalist to a category winner.

Previous versions of this game were branded Agent Surefire and already embedded a most impressive game element: an intelligent data logging on player’s behavior that provided fully synchronous feedback on player’s successes, failures and hesitations, interactions with key objects, or simply lack of action in the face of breach-related events.

This year’s version branded Info-Sentinel: Travel Security is most successful in training player…

Eliane Alhadeff - Executive Profile

Eliane Alhadeff - Executive ProfileEliane Alhadeff, owner atFUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES, is acknowledged worldwide as a thought-leader in the fast-growing Serious Game Market.

Author of the SERIOUS GAME MARKETSERIOUS GAMES EXPERTSFUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMESBlogs, and guest author @ FUTURELAB’S MARKETING & STRATEGY INNOVATIONin the UK, her last ten years modeling of the Serious Games space has illuminated the path forward and provided much-needed valuable  insights for organizations introducing Serious Games & Simulations to make a company's value proposition more compelling.

Recognized as having an abundance of knowledge and a firm understanding of how games are being utilized for education & contextual learning, consumer engagement & customer retention, Alhadeff has become an Industry evaluator for theSERIOUS GAMES SHOWCASE & CHALLENGE (SGS&C)that occurs at each year's I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training & Simulation Conference) in the U.…