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XPLingo Play Your Language Brings Your Country Of Choice Directly To Your Device

XPLingo - Play Your Language is a start-up in its very early stage founded by Ingo Ehrle and Jose Freitas. In early 2014, Ingo Ehrle, a business developer who had worked for six years in Barcelona building up a subsidiary for a German software company, was looking for a technical co-founder to start a business in language learning.
Passionate about languages, Ingo met Jose Freitas who was jumping to a new life from Brazil to Germany to open an indie game company. At that point, they spent a lot of time talking about language learning and adventure games, realizing that they shared the same beliefs.
In spring 2014, Jose and Ingo joined forces to work on the XPLingo - Play Your Language project, targeting people who learn a foreign language for passion – people who fall in love with a country as they travel there for the very first time, or want to connect with locals, or this language just sounds so damn good to them that they want to speak it.
Believing in the power that storytelling an…