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Meet the Experts: 60+ Serious Games Thought Leaders at Serious Play Conference

More than 60 Thought Leaders, nominated by their peers, will share their thoughts on the state of the Serious Games industry and the challenges ahead.

Here are just a few of them:

Barry Joseph – Associate Director for Digital Learning at the Museum of Natural History, former Director of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids
Eben Myers – Vice President of Design at Simcoach Games
Jen Helms – co-founder of Playmation Studios
Jennifer McNamara - Vice President of Serious Games at BreakAway, Ltd.
Jesse Schell – CEO of Schell Games
John Krajewski - Studio Head of Strange Loop Games
Justin Leites – Vice President for Games at Amplify.  His team is making unprecedented investments in educational games and sponsoring work by leading commercial game designers from across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Latin America
Marcus Vlaar – Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Ranj Serious Games
Peter Stowell – Responsible for IBM's broader Serious Games strategy
Randy Brown – Dir…

A New GlassLab Games Exclusive That Tackles Ratios And Proportional Reasoning

GlassLab announced the release of Ratio Rancher, a new GlassLab Games exclusive that tackles ratios and proportional reasoning - fundamental concepts 42% of middle school and high school math standards are based, but are difficult to master!

Ratio Rancher is a nurturing strategy/puzzle game designed for students in grades 6 and beyond that places students on the fantasy planet of Mixia in charge of their very own lush, green world full of silly, exotic creatures.

Everything on the planet is connected; to keep their creatures happy, students need to think critically and use ratios to make careful decisions based upon how many creatures they have, and what kind of food they eat, keeping track of what they learn in their very own naturalist journal.

To add to the excitement, field study results reveal students who play Ratio Rancher are able to achieve significant learning gains after just 3 DAYS of gameplay!

Check out the trailerhere. For more information on the game, as well as the field s…

Save the Date: Plan to attend the Serious Play Conference July 21-23 at Carnegie Mellon

Mark July 21-23 on your calendar for theSerious Play Conference, this year at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

Plan to attend the leadership conference where people who design, manage and implement Serious Games network and do deals.

The Serious Play Conference provides a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs in health care, government and the military to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their serious games programs. Attendees rub shoulders with and talk one-on-one to the experts, hear about the latest measurement and assessment strategies and see how game mechanics are moving across the various serious games sectors, revolutionizing how training and education is done.

Serious Play is also a gathering where creators can have critical conversations about game design, sharing their knowledge with peers. The focus of the conference is on exploring the opportunities, challenges and potential of these 'serious' games.

The annual Se…

Brazil Independent Games Festival 2015 Will Reward Serious Games

On its 3rd Edition, BIG Festival - the Brazil Independent Games Festival and Business Forum, will be held on June 27th-July 5th, 2015 at the Cultural Center Sao Paulo (CCSP), Brazil.

The first and only independent games festival in Latin America, BIG is held annually as an international, non-profit and "free-for-all" event, supported by the Brazilian Game Developers Association (Abragames) and key government partners. Its main goal is to showcase the best of independent games while also offering a hub for business networking.

Indie developers from all around the world can submit their games to BIG. The selected games will be exhibited to a large audience in São Paulo and all of them will be available to play at the event venue.

In 2014, more than 450 games from 36 different countries were submitted to BIG that welcomed 8,000+ visitors. Building on the success of BIG 2014, organizers expect an even larger event this year:

·         1000+ industry professionals
·         20+ renown…

Developing For Impact, Office of Ed Tech’s Primer for Developers, Startups and Entrepreneurs

Early April, the U.S. Department of Education has made available online the Ed Tech Developer's Guide: A Primer for Developers, Startups and Entrepreneurs as a tool to understand the school market and create educational games.

On April 21, the Office of Educational Technology and the non-profit Games for Change with the support of the Entertainment Software Association, co-hosted a day-long summit to identify strategies for the broader creation, dissemination, and use of quality games in classrooms and beyond. Leading developers, producers, publishers, educators, students, and other stakeholders were brought together to break down barriers and have meaningful dialogues about what each party wants and needs so we can make progress in games for education together.

The summit is the latest sign that the U.S. Department of Education recognizes the power of games for learning and is seen as a direct response to President Barack Obama's ConnectED initiative, a push to provide, among o…

Offshore International, A New Interactive Documentary At The Frontier Of Serious Gaming

Filmmakers Brenda Longfellow and Glen Richards in collaboration with Helios Design Labs, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Toronto, Canada, have recently launched Offshore International, their new interactive documentary (i-DOC).

Offshore International provides a look at the new frontiers of the globalized fossil fuel industry, showing oil fields in Brazil, Ghana, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. This new immersive experience follows the story of the proliferation of offshore drilling off the coasts of those countries and is a part two of the interactive documentary project Offshore released in 2013. It continues an exploration of the dangers and consequences of the deep water oil fields through the eyes of journalists, activists and filmmakers.

According to the i-DOCs website, Offshore builds a creative space between Serious Games and interactive documentaries to look into the consequences of oil exploration. An interactive experience in which gameplay and cinematic art are both…