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Toolwire Writing Games Attain Contextual Relevance For English Composition In The Real World

Toolwirehas won two silver medals at the2015 International Serious Play Awardsfor its Virtual Medical Internship and Writing Game Series products. Providing a “virtual internship” experience at a fictional television news station, the Toolwire Writing Game Serieschallenges students to review, practice, and demonstrate college level writing skills in authentic workplace scenarios.
Toolwire Writing Games immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and hands-on simulations that leverage on a seamlessly integrated “natural assessment” infrastructure. Along the way, students make decisions, study with experts, play learning games, receive dynamic remediation, and attain contextual relevance for English Composition in the real world.
The series consists of 17 writing games that enable students to apply knowledge related to key writing objectives (grammar, thesis statements, paragraph construction, revising & editing, and research & citation) in a wa…

Serious Games Association Announces 2015 International Serious Play Awards Winners


The Serious Games Association disclosed Sunday evening the winners of the 2015 International Serious Play Awardscompetition. The program recognizes outstanding examples of titles that deliver a high quality of engagement and measurable learning opportunities.

More than 25 studios, publishers, companies and academic student groups addressing the growth of Serious Games have won gold, silver and bronze honors. Here they are:
Gold Medal Winners:
·Water Bears,Schell Games (Education K-12, Systems Thinking) – object of my prior post Schell Games Providing Hands-on Experience With Systems Thinking Concepts ·The World of Lexica,Amplify and Schell Games (Education K-12, Literacy) – object of my prior post Serious Games Take ELA Learning To New Heights ·Twelve a Dozen,Bossa Studios and Amplify (Education K-12, Math) - object of my prior post Amplify Disrupting Serious Games Business Development Models ·Mission US: City of Immigrants, THIRTEEN/WNET New York…

USC-ICT Serious Games Rapidly Mature New Clinical Interviewers

USC Standard Patientis a newUniversity of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologiesresearch project. It seeks to improve clinic-based medical encounter simulation with the goal to create engaging Virtual Standardized Patient (VSP) encounters, enable objective and meaningful assessment of learner interview performance and mature physician interviewing & diagnostic skills.

VSPs are substantially different in design and use from what is typically referred to as Virtual Patients. VSPs, which are based on SimCoachvirtual human technology, converse in natural English, understand what you tell them and can express themselves non-verbally through facial expressions and gestures. The system can create patients with a range of personalities including average, sullen, loquacious, uncertain, reserved and neurotic.

The long term vision for the USC Standard Patient is to create the most functional and natural virtual standardized patients in history, while establishing a critical ma…